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3 Must Need Pages For Every Website

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In today’s digital world, it is no secret that every business needs a website. It doesn’t matter if you are a cosmetics conglomerate, landscaper, or a neighborhood deli; consumers will search for you online before they even think about making a purchase. This means your digital presence could be the first impression you make to a potential customer. Read this week’s blog to learn what information to put on your website to make the most of this moment.

About Page

When a user visits a new website, the first thing they want to learn is what products or services the business offers and how it can benefit them. This is where the “About” page comes in. Tell the reader exactly what your business purpose is and how you execute it. Don’t just settle for telling the reader what your business does, tell them how you do it & why you are the best at it (your strengths). Is it your award-winning customer service? Low prices? Or the highest quality ingredients? Make a strong first impression.

Try to also make this page more personable by telling the story of how your business got to where it is today. This can include the original reason for starting it, beginning stages, and goals for the future. Through this, you will build an emotional connection with the reader.


Although you should update your website, when necessary, most of your pages will be static. However, blogs allow you to have a constant conversation with your users through regular posts. Blog topics can include anything that you think is relevant to your business including product updates, reviews, tips, industry trends, featured employees, etc. The key is to make these posts frequent and encourage reader interaction through comments. 

Blogs also give another opportunity for your site to include strong scoring keywords to boost SEO. As mentioned in earlier blogs, including these keywords will result in higher traffic to your site which means more potential customers. To reach your already connected audience, be sure to post your blogs on social media accounts such as Facebook & Instagram.

Reviews / Testimonials 

With 92% of consumers reading online reviews when purchasing a product, customer reviews are now a requirement when selling products & services online. Why? Testimonials build trust & give the customer confidence when purchasing through a computer screen. 

If you sell products directly on your website, include the reviews on the product page & make them easy for the reader to find. If you sell a product or service that requires the reader to contact you, place testimonials on a separate page that is very close to the contact information. This will encourage the reader to read testimonials that will boost their purchase intent before contacting you.

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