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It’s all about branding!

Need to rejuvenate your application? We get it, putting yourself out there can seem daunting. It’s like starting a new fitness routine. You may not want to do it, but it’s well worth it in the end. Our resume team focuses on bringing out your best qualities to show hiring managers what you’re made of! As marketing professionals, we believe your resume should be written to showcase your “key product features” to your target customer. We write for the human but optimize for today’s applicant tracking systems.

Without clear brand messaging, you won’t reach your goal. Take the leap and optimize your chances to secure the next best opportunity.

We write your narrative

Our team members are Certified Professional Resume Writers, which is a certification and achievements for demonstrating a strong understanding and execution of today’s resume writing and formatting standards. CPRWs are the best in the industry.
We’re sure you’ve heard the famous term ATS, which is the driving force of the job market today. It determines the likelihood your resume will pass initial job screenings and get in the hands of hiring managers. Without the proper tools, your resume can get lost in the shuffle. By constructing a strong branding, you will set yourself up for success.

1. Schedule a Consultation Call

Curious about our resume rebranding service? During a 15 to 20 minute consultation call, we will go over your career goals, what you envision for your next role, and what is most important to you.

If you choose to move forward, Emily will assign you homework. Make sure to take notes!

Next, you will schedule your 1-hour discovery call with your assigned interviewer.

2. Time to Discover Your Potential

Did you complete your homework?

Once you send your interviewer your top 5 jobs and your most updated resume, we dive into your experience during the 1-hour virtual discovery call. Be sure to provide detail about key accomplishments, achievements, and anything you want to share so we have everything we need to create your new branding documents.

Any questions during this time, email us!

3. Time to Write

After the discovery call, our team of professional branding experts get to work with creating your new stunning portfolio. Our turnaround is 5 to 7 business days. If you need it sooner, we offer 24 to 48 hour turnarounds for an expedited fee.

Find new positions while we write your drafts? Send them! Have questions? Ask them!

Our goal is to make you feel confident before diving into the job market.

4. Time to Review

You have mail–your new branding documents are here! During this phase, please take your time to review and let us know of any changes you would like us to make. We offer additional phone and virtual time to walk through your branding drafts to make sure they’re perfect! You can also email us your changes and your branding specialist will return the drafts within 24-48 hours.

5. Reaching the Finish Line!

After we finalize any changes you need, you’ll receive a final PDF and Word version of your new resume, final Word of your cover letter, and final Word of your LinkedIn branding worksheet. Even though our branding project is done, doesn’t mean our relationship is. We’re always here to help you down this exciting journey!

How much is our resume writing service?

It’s broken into packages! Each package includes a brand new ATS optimized resume, custom written cover letter, and optimized LinkedIn Profile. (Additional services such as board intros, professional bios, conference bios, and thank you letters offered).

Package 1: The Starter (For entry-level professionals) – $450 for full rebranding

Package 2: The Middle Ground (For our visionary middle and senior managers) – $650 for full rebranding

Package 3: The Rockstar (For our dynamic Executives, VPs, CEOs, and Board Members) – $850 for full rebranding

How do you pay for our resume writing service?

Each project is sent to you via email in the form of an invoice. Payments are due in full by the date of the scheduled discovery call.

Resume Service Add-Ons

Looking for a thank you letter, professional bio, or board introduction letter?

Welcome to your one-stop shop for your career advancement needs! Our branding experts can craft you everything you need for your ideal next step.


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