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Why Hiring a Professional Resume Writer Can Boost Your Job Hunt

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Crafting your career’s story on a resume can be overwhelming. Your skills, experiences, and certifications are all important but tough to cram onto one page. This is where a professional resume writer (PRW) can help. Read below on how hiring a resume writer can turn your experiences into a dream offer.

Know How To Beat The Bots
As the hiring process has become more digital over the years, so has resume scanning. No longer are hiring managers reading every single resume sent for a job. Instead, computer software known as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) quickly inspects & scores resumes. The low-scoring resumes are filtered out and automatically eliminated from the process while the highest are sent to the hiring managers. Professional resume writers are experts in modifying resumes to score high on this system by inserting relevant industry keywords and using appropriate formatting.

Stand Out From The Template Crowd
Once a resume makes it through ATS, it now needs to pass the eye test. To do this your resume needs to catch the attention of the hiring manager in the quick 6 seconds they spend on average scanning it. A resume writers’ job is to use creativity to transform your boring template resume into an attractive one that highlights your strengths and informs the hiring manager of what they should know about you.

Adding Powerful Phrases

Your skills and experiences are important, but how you communicate them is what can unlock an interview. Professional resume writers are experienced in communicating clients’ experiences by inserting strong phrases, quantitative metrics, and proof of actions. An example of an edited experience is below:

  • Original: Increased readership of newspaper through digital marketing activities
  • Post-Resume Writer: Boosted readership by 35% through social media retargeting campaigns

Do you think your resume could use an extra set of eyes? My team is filled with certified resume writers than can help you beat ATS and stand out from the competition to earn your dream job. Contact us today!