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Are You A Good Fit? How To Read A Job Description To Make Sure

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Latest reports have shown that 4.3 million people quit their jobs in August, an amount that counts for almost 3% of the workforce. With this record-high number of resignations come many new job openings. Now job posting websites are flooded with applications. Read this week’s blog to learn how to analyze these postings to figure out which roles you are the best fit for. 


Make Sure You Are Qualified

Experience requirements are the very first thing you should look for in a job description. These can include education, licenses, skills, and previous work experience. These requirements are the first thing job recruiters will look for on a resume and ask about during the interview process. These are typically non-negotiable, however, if you have similar but not exact qualifications make sure you explain how they still make you a good fit for the role. For example, if the job description requires Python coding but you only know Java, highlight your coding knowledge in the cover letter and how this could lead you to learning Python very quickly.


If not mentioned in the job title, qualifications are also a good indicator of the job level. Most entry-level roles will require little to no work experience whereas a director role might require a decade of managing teams or an MBA certificate.


Do You Enjoy the Daily Job Responsibilities?

Now that you are qualified to perform the job, will you enjoy the work you are doing? To understand this, read through the job summary for daily functions, short & long-term deliverables, and teams you will work with. Make sure you are comfortable with these assignments. If not, are you willing to push yourself to learn your new responsibilities quickly?


Be honest with yourself before you end up accepting a role that you will struggle with.

As a side note, look for keywords in this section as the recruiter will be looking for these in past experiences or skills. Tailor your resume to include these keyword phrases and be prepared to answer related questions in the interview process. 


Culture Clues

Outside of your daily responsibilities, company culture will also have a major impact on how well you fit into a role & company. You want to find a culture that aligns with your values, work/life balance that you can handle, and employees that you enjoy being around. If you read a job application closely enough, you will find clues that hint at the company culture. 


Phrases such as “fast-paced” & “need to meet strict deadlines” could hint at an intense and results-driven workplace. Meanwhile, a more employee-centric culture might mention allowing flexible schedules and regular out-of-office social activities. Outside of the job application, look around online for other sources of company culture such as Glassdoor, social media, and a company’s website.


It can be hard dissecting job applications to find a good fit. If you would like professional help in figuring out your dream job or the hiring process, reach out to Em & A Pen today!