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Ask a Web Whiz: Five User Friendly Domains for Creating a Website

We get it, web design is scary. It’s a completely different world full of codes and shorthand. It feels like learning a different language. In a world that is rapidly evolving and transitioning to the digital sphere, the push to be digitally literate may be alienating to those who did not grow up with the internet or do not feel comfortable there. This fear and discomfort often comes to light when creating a personal website or online portfolio with no knowledge of digital design. Luckily, there are some web designers who understand this struggle and have answered the call for help by creating website domains that are designed so you don’t have to start from scratch. These web domains allow you to create a digital portfolio or personal website that embodies you without the hassle of having to learn complicated skills like HTML or CSS. In short, these web domains are your guardian angels.

  1. Wix

If you are looking for a simple and clean design that lets you type and paste right into the web page, is the site for you. Wix gives you several templates to choose from, each with their own set of tabs, and allows you to either paste or directly type your copy and images into the template to make it your own. It is incredibly user friendly, making it easy to get off the ground. Oftentimes, getting a design down and deciding on tabs can be the hardest part. Luckily, Wix does all of that for you.

2. WordPress

When judging domains based on user friendliness and accessibility, I like to think of WordPress as one step up from Wix in terms of how much web design background knowledge is necessary. WordPress offers many of the same features as Wix, such as templates with pages, but it goes deeper by offering a plethora of plugins and functions that can enhance your website. Tools such as blogs, enhanced accessibility, easy connections to social media, options to sell products, strong designs, and many more plugins meant to lift the design of your website to new heights and allow you to hone it to adapt to whatever your profession or product is.

3. Strikingly

Strikingly, similarly to Wix, offers simplistic processes of website design and development for those less comfortable with digital media. What sets Strikingly apart from Wix, however, is its attention to visual components of the website as well as its attention to speed when getting a website up and ready. With fun visual displays that are easy to put together and make your own, Strikingly might be the best bet for a digital portfolio or website that is focused on visuals and aesthetics – perfect for an influencer or other visually oriented profession.

4. GoDaddy

In the vein of an online portfolio or personal website that speaks to a particular interest, GoDaddy is another user-friendly domain that works perfectly for those who wish to expand a certain brand. In other words, GoDaddy is all about marketing. With templates and designs that are easy to use, it offers the same ease as Wix, but with a more specific audience. GoDaddy contains plugins such as blogs, an easily added online store, social media creation and broadcasting, and many more to enhance the outreach that your website has.

5. Squarespace

Being one of the most well known and widely used website domains definitely comes with its pros and cons. What Squarespace lacks in template and design options, it makes up for in its highly responsive Help Center and expansive FAQ section specifically designed for users that are less familiar with web design. It is also incredibly good for SEO, helping your site find its way onto more search engines. If getting yourself out there is your prime goal, Squarespace is the way to go.

Starting from scratch is scary no matter what it is you are starting on. Whether you are experienced in web design or a straight up beginner, it is always nice to have a web domain that allows you to employ your personal flair immediately instead of having to stumble through the process of creating a website from the ground up. Luckily, the digital world is your oyster when you take just a few minutes to find the domain that works best for you and your vision.