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How to Grow Your Instagram by Creating A Grid

The new year is all about being refreshed, starting over, and taking stock of our surroundings–what needs to go and what needs to stay? For any business owner, writer…or professional, a powerful Instagram is a must for 2023. And by utilizing our Instagram grid more effectively, we can open up a new opportunity to reach followers.

What is an Instagram grid?

The grid refers to the 9 squares of image or text that are immediately viewable when a potential follower comes across your page. For most people, these are the random pictures and copy we choose to post willy-nilly depending on the day or our activity. For a brand builder, this is a methodically planned out tool to get more followers in. A reasonable goal is to build a grid each month around a theme.

How can my Instagram grid help me?

What someone sees is the deciding factor as to whether they follow…or keep scrolling. Obviously, we want them to follow! So, we have that quick second to create something aesthetically pleasing, representative of our brand, and inviting to get more followers.

How do I transform my grid?

  • Plan it out and schedule posts in advance. For best results, at the beginning of the month, you want to plan your grid out and decide on your color scheme, copy, images, and overall theme. By spending the time up front, you ensure a smooth, seamless Instagram feed for maximum effect. *Some people use online planner tools to help with this. 
  • Decide on your set up. There are so many cool ideas for how to lay out your grid. Some of the more popular ones are:
    • The checkerboard layout: with alternating text with images.
    • Horizontal layout: with a row of copy sandwiched by rows of images.
    • Vertical lay out: with rows of images on the outside and a row of text down the middle.
    • The puzzle layout: with all of the grids working together to spell out one message or idea. 
  • Decide on your color scheme. Are you going for a minimalist, muted look? A soothing calming feeling? A pop of color? Rainbow effect? Various shades of the same color? Decide what colors best fit you, your brand, and your message.
  • Carefully choose copy that aligns with your photos. The most effective text also has consistent background and font color, with simple but bold messages.

Focusing on your Instagram grid can be an outlet for creativity and a unique way to express your brand and gain more followers. By spending some time up front on identifying a theme that promotes your brand best and represents you, and then maintaining consistency, your Instagram grid can open up a new audience for your small business.