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How to Write a Resume for 2024: The Ultimate Guide

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Let’s talk resumes! The resume writing process can be overwhelming, especially if you are looking to make your resume stand out from the rest of the pack. In this article, I am sharing some simple tips, from my experience, that you can use to make sure your resume shines above the competition and truly represents who you are as a professional. 

Stand out From the Crowd
So what makes an amazing resume? I see many resumes pass through my desk and in my personal experience, those that are most eye-catching from the get-go tend to command more attention. It has even been found that employers typically spend an average of six seconds on each resume they review, so you’ll want to be sure that those six seconds are used to make an impression! This is exactly what you want to stand out from the crowd of other applicants who are sending in their resumes with the same goals as yours – to land the dream job!

Let Your Personality Shine 
You may be asking yourself; how can I make my resume stand out from all those other candidates? You know how great you are and what you can offer a team, but with just words on paper they might not be able to read between the lines. 

These days companies are not only looking for employees with the right skillset but also passionate individuals who will work well within their teams. The key is to inject snippets of your killer personality and positive attitude all while highlighting your biggest professional accomplishments to date. This helps employers get a sense of who they’re hiring, rather than just looking at your skills and experience.

Ready for Your Close Up? Consider a Video Resume!
A lot of times when I’m talking to someone through text, wires can easily get crossed. But if you pick up the phone for a call instead or pop on a zoom chat you get a much better sense of the tone of things being said. Video resumes are a fabulous way to showcase your personality, as well as your skills. If you have a compelling video resume, your chances of landing an interview will skyrocket.

A great way to do this is by using bullet point lists because they help you show off your skills and achievements in a succinct and organized way. When you get a chance, have a good think about all of your positive attributes you might want to list. Are you loyal? Diligent? Always up for a challenge? You might have one column where you highlight some key projects you have been part of, and another where you give them better insight into you personally. Tell them how many books you read, the personal projects you create out of passion and any outside training you seek out individually to become a better you. 

Quick Tip to Elevate Your Layout and Design: Dynamic resume layouts to keep recruiters engaged and easily able to absorb the key information you want to get across. 

Get Social
Something my friends and I always discuss is creating a social media account we wouldn’t mind sharing with potential employers. Your future boss is looking for more than just experience and qualifications. They’re looking for someone they can imagine working with every day, like you! Connecting your social media accounts is a great way to show off your personality, as well as giving potential employers a way to get to know you better before making a decision.

The competition for jobs can be fierce, but with these tips you can stand out! I know you are amazing, so get out there and show them what you’re made of!  Don’t forget to include a personalised cover letter explaining all the reasons why you will kill it at this new job! 

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