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Is This Company a Good Fit for You?

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“What experiences do you have that are relevant to this job?” “What strengths can you bring to our company?” “How do you see yourself as a team player?” During an interview, it seems that all questions are focused on you. This is important for the hiring manager to understand if you are a fit for their company, however, this is only one side of the equation. What most people fail to consider is not if they are a good fit for the company but if the company is a good fit for them. To better understand this ask yourself these questions.

How Do You Fit In the Job Description?

Job descriptions give the first clues on what you might expect from not only the position but also the company. First, a job description will explain the needed qualifications and experience for the position along with expected responsibilities. If you do not think you meet either of these prerequisites, then the job is probably not a good fit for you.

But don’t stop there. A complete job description will also include details about the company including employee perks, benefits, and personal development opportunities. Do these offers match your interests & needs? Do you care more about having ping pong tables in the break room or would rather have better health benefits? These offers beyond the job responsibilities will ensure that you stay happy.

How Does the Company Treat You in the Interview Process?

Even though most of the interview process is focused on how you act, remember to pay attention to how your potential employer behaves as well. How the HR representatives interact with you is a good indication of what you can expect from the entire company. When communicating by email, how timely are their responses? Are they punctual on interview times? If they expect you to be on time, then you should expect the same out of them.

During the actual interview listen to how your interviewer communicates with you. Are they asking high-quality questions or just generic “fluff” questions? Tough questions might be challenging but they could also mean that this company is looking for top-tier employees which means a strong culture. Lastly, are they being transparent with the job demands? This will make sure that you know what to expect from the role and if it is a good fit.

What is the Culture Like?

Working in a culture that best fits your style is essential to your success at a company. Understanding the culture from the outside can be a challenge at first so doing research and asking questions is a must. Start by looking through the company’s website. Companies often use this platform to highlight their mission statement, core values, and ethics. Make sure these align with your beliefs as they determine how the company conducts business.

Next, during the interview ask more specific questions that cannot be found on a website. These might include work/life balance, maternal leave policy, and metrics used for promotions. These specific questions will help you decide if you could see yourself working for this company in the long-term.

Would you be a Proud Employee of this Company?

The last and ultimate question you should ask yourself is if you would be a proud employee of this company. Would you tell your friends about it on a Saturday night? Before moving forward with the company make sure you are passionate about their business. Outside of business, check their philanthropic efforts as well. This could be another way to become engaged with the organization.

At the end of the day, having success within an organization is achieved by both sides being a good fit. So before accepting any role, make sure that the company is a great fit for you.