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Know Your Limits

Who are you, and what do you do? What is your business about? Do you enjoy what you do?

As a growing business owner, you will come across different opportunities to scale. This has put my business in different situations where I would contemplate if those opportunities were deemed as worthwhile. Yes, the chance to make more money is great, but is it worth the increased amounts of stress and time? Not so much.

From me to you, fantastic entrepreneur, you have the right to take a step back and say no to any opportunity that comes your way. Sometimes, slow and steady wins the game. There is no need to rush to scale and become the next household brand. Listen, watching Shark Tank is a nightly chore for me and nothing is more satisfying than seeing Mark Cuban make a deal with an up-and-coming business to guide it to destiny and fortune. However, for me, I just want to do what I love and be happy while doing it. I love to work with clients on their projects and help them achieve their goals. Whether it is writing their resume and helping them land a job, or editing and publishing their first book, it is about the journey from start to finish. Being creative is what I love most. That is what my business is all about. It doesn’t matter how many client projects I have on my desk. It is about the relationship and friendship I have gained at the end of the finish line.

The most important thing to note is that I know my limits.

I will happily turn a project away if I feel like it is pushing me over the edge or causing undue stress on my body. I will not flinch, second guess, or stress about my decision to walk away, no matter how much money I would be losing out on. Our work days are only 8 hours, give or take. I try to keep it within 10 hours, but who is counting? Some days are busier than others, am I right? There are only 5 days in a work week, that is 261 work days in a year. That is only 2080 work hours in a given year. Do you really want to spend this limited time over-stressing and forcing yourself to complete projects that drain you? Absolutely not.

Remember, it is okay to:

  • Say NO
  • Prioritize your mental health
  • Enjoy life

You have to do what is best for your business, your brand’s success, and your personal growth. That means not worry about how much money you make. Have a mental health day. Go on a walk. Take a 2-hour long nap. No one will judge you. Be an advocate for your self-worth and know what you are willing to handle. I choose to work smarter, not harder. I do enjoy the hustle, but there will come a time when I will put my phone on Do Not Disturb and enjoy life with my husband, our three cats, and my Shark Tank re-runs.

Until then, I will continue to enjoy the journey and work…


Until next time, E