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Reintroducing Em & a Pen

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Over the past year, this blog has gone into detail into each of our offerings at Em and A Pen and advice for building your personal brand. This week I wanted to take a step back to reintroduce Em and A Pen and our core services.

Blogging is where it all started for us. Before there was a business, it was just me writing a self-help blog. One post at a time, this blog helped individuals transform their lives for the better and find new career passions. In 2019, I decided to turn my hobby into a career by forming Em and A Pen. Today, Em and A Pen’s purpose is to bring individual’s visions and dreams to life through creative writing services. We live out this mission through the following offerings:

Professional Development Simplified

For those who are looking for a career shift, our team can give your professional brand a complete 360 makeover. Being a professionally certified resume writer, I will bolster your resume with industry-relevant keywords designed to beat the automated scanners (ATS) and land your name in the hands of hiring managers. In the digital world, my team will use similar strategies that optimize your LinkedIn profile to rank high in recruiting searches.

Our team also provides personalized interview coaching to prepare you for the big day. Our process includes two working sessions to practice real interview scenarios. The first is an introductory call that gives you the opportunity to describe your strengths and accomplishments while the second call replicates a final round interview with tougher questions. We can guarantee that you will leave these sessions with renewed confidence in interviewing.

Bringing Your Story to Life

From organizing your thoughts to the final grammar check, Em & A Pen’s writing services turns your idea into a published story.

  • Developmental Editing: We will collaborate with you to develop a plot, organize the writing into chapters, and maintain a consistent tone.
  • Copyediting: Here we will read through your finished rough draft line by line to identify grammar, style, and jargon optimizations.
  • Proofreading: This is the final read-over of the manuscript to double-check any text or formatting errors. Once this is complete, the story is ready for publishing!

Marketing Wordsmiths

Our team also works directly with businesses to bring their brand to life digitally. Our creative approach to website design and content will allow your brand to engage with online users and bring in new customers. All of our websites are designed with SEO at top of mind to earn top search rankings on Google.

We look forward to continuing to write blogs and transforming lives. Interested in working with us? Contact us today!