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Time To Get Social: Growing Your Business Through Instagram

With over 1 billion users worldwide almost everyone knows what Instagram is. There are foodies, fitness junkies, influencers, etc. The list goes on and on. So why does your business need one as well?

For starters, an estimated 71% of businesses own an Instagram handle. With this many active businesses on the platform, yours might truly experience “FOMO” if it doesn’t either. Your customers are on Instagram. Your competitors on Instagram. You have to be there.

Secondly, Instagram is known for it being one of the most “business-friendly” platforms. A 2018 report found Instagram posts achieving 4x more interactions than Facebook due to its content being more visually focused. Whether its pictures, live videos, polls, or reels; Instagram is the perfect place to display your business offerings and reach new customers.

Solid Bio

First impressions are always most important and in the digital world they happen quickly. It takes fewer than two-tenths of a second for an online visitor to form an opinion on your brand. On Instagram, this process usually happens on the top of the page when the user sees the page’s bio. This section sets the foundation for your brand’s online presence. Make sure it communicates what you want the user to know about your business. Some key information to include in your bio are:

  • Explanation of your business offerings/purposeInstagram Bio
  • Website link
  • Business hours/contact information if applicable

Stay Active

Consistency is key on Instagram. With 63% of users checking their accounts at least once a day, there are always potential customers on the platform waiting to interact with your content. This does not mean that you need to have a perfectly curated picture each day. Instead, focus on creating a mix of temporary stories, live videos, and permanent posts.

  • Posts – This style of content is ideal for reaching new users. Posts can range from pictures, infographics, videos, etc. Just keep in mind that this content stays permanently on your feed so make sure it is what you want new users seeing when they view your profile.
  • Stories – These are the best way to interact with your current & most loyal followers. These snippets last 15 seconds and appear in your bio for only 24 hours. This is where your brand can get creative through asking questions, polls, or resharing relevant content.
  • Live Video – This is your most engaging form of content where you can interact 1on1 with followers. Some ideas for this format are Q&As, big announcements, and behind-the-scenes tours. Live videos also have the option to post as a story for any followers that missed it.

HashtagsUse Hashtags

Although it may seem like an outdated strategy, hashtags still work. Having at least 1 hashtag in your post can increase engagement by over 12%. But don’t stop there as posts with 11+ hashtags report the highest interactions. For each post, include general hashtags to reach a large mass audience as well as niche hashtags to connect with a smaller target market of consumers. An example of both being used in a post for Charlotte restaurant could look like this

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