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What Do You Give a Creative Soul for the Holidays?

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‘Tis the season to spend weeks stressing about the perfect gift for your friends before waiting until the last minute to make a decision on what to get them. Finding the perfect gift is hard, especially if the person you’re buying for is not so much interested in physical things. Creative individuals are some of the most frustrating people to get gifts for because they don’t tend to gravitate towards physical objects quite as much as experiences, explorations, and sensations since that is the world they live in. Annoying, right? However, it isn’t entirely impossible to find a holiday gift that will make your creative friend’s heart jump. Here are some suggestions on where to get started.


  1. Give them an experience.

Art and creativity take many forms, but they are all similar in the sense that they revolve around encapsulating experiences. So, what better way to lighten up your friend’s holiday season than by giving them an experience they can treasure. There are plenty of giftable experiences that you can give your friend either as a solo gift or thing you both can enjoy. Instead of stressing over what food they might like, why not give them a picnic in the park with you and some of their closest friends? Instead of trying to surprise them with their favorite book, why not take them bookstore hopping? A painting class, a cooking class, pottery making, a wine tasting, tickets to a show or concert, a night on the town – there are so many holiday gifts that don’t include buying something from a store that will excite your creative friend and liven up their holiday season.


2. Give them something that can boost their creativity.

Every artist and creative has their set of tools, whether it be paint and a paintbrush, a pen and a pencil, or their voice and body. Whatever their tools are, every creative person can benefit from a gift that helps them exercise their creative muscles. That doesn’t necessarily mean it has to directly correlate to their art. Anything that stretches the imagination is beneficial to a creative. A nice journal or sketchbook is always a wonderful gift. A coloring book and fresh set of markers is a great thing to help them decompress from a stressful day. Even a fun craft or project can be a great way to show your friend that you want to help them stimulate or rest their creative senses. Gifting them something fun and interactive is a wonderful way to let them know how much you appreciate their creative energy.


3. Give them something that will enhance their craft.

It is tricky to know what your creative friend needs or wants to improve on, especially if you are unfamiliar with their craft. However, there are many tools and resources that can help you help your friend out this holiday season. For instance, every artist can benefit from a career boost. Try getting your friend a free professional LinkedIn makeover or CV/resume workshop to amplify them within their field? Every artist needs a portfolio. Why not give your friend the boost they need by gifting them with a website makeover or creation done by a professional website creation company (like Em & a Pen)? Is your friend on the cusp of finishing a book or project and needs help getting into the next stages? An editing package can be the best way to tell them how much you support them. There are many ways you can help your creative friend kickstart or boost their career this holiday season without having to become an expert in their craft.


It may seem hard to buy for someone that creates for a living. But, fear not. As long as it comes from a place of love and appreciation, your creative friend will likely enjoy just about anything you get them. Because, at the end of the day, a creative person can make use of just about anything you give them. Just remember to show them how much you appreciate and care for them… and be sure to get a cute card to go with it.