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What Employers LOVE to See on a Resume

One critical part of the job hunting process is having a dynamic resume. Yet, there is some conflicting information out there about exactly what employers want to see on a resume. Plus, with the job market getting even more competitive, making the resume stand out adds pressure to the process. Never fear: we have a list of 6 elements employers LOVE to see on a resume.

1. Employers love a simple approach.

  • Resist the urge to turn your resume into an art project with fancy or changing fonts, different colors, and lots of visual elements.
  • Instead, use a traditional and professional font.
  • Make sure your resume has a consistent look throughout.
  • Use bullet points to list skills and information.

2. Employers love an organized resume.

Resume writing can be tricky because we want to stand out, but our attempts to make our resume catchy can cause employers to miss what they really need to see–what we have to offer in the workplace. So, an organized approach is best, where we can stand out through our list of targeted skills and experience rather than with a creative but disorganized resume.

Resumes should have these clearly labeled sections:

  • contact information 

A profile would be 2-3 bullet points at the top of your resume that summarizes your soft and hard skills

A summary would be a one sentence description that expresses you as an employee.

  • a list of our skills
  • job history
  • educational background

3. Employers love appropriate and accurate contact information right at the top of the resume.

This should include (typically in this order):

  • your name
  • a professional email
  • your phone number
  • your physical mailing address
  • links to professional portfolios and profiles

4. Employers love (and many expect) a link to your LinkedIn profile

Employers now pretty much expect and certainly like a link to your LinkedIn profile page to get a broader picture of you as a professional. LinkedIn has changed the game for the job market (see our other blogs on this topic!), so your LinkedIn page should definitely be included on your resume.

5. Employers love seeing relevant details on your resume.

It might be tempting to add hobbies or other interests on your resume: you want the employer to see you as a well-rounded, many faceted individual! However, these other sides to you might distract the employer from noticing the precise skills you have to offer the position. These kinds of details are best left for the cover letter. Your resume needs to stick to your professional skills and attributes.

This advice includes any jobs you held that are not relevant to the current position you are applying for…especially if you have a lengthy work history. 

Don’t eat up valuable resume space with anything unrelated to the current position you are seeking.

6. Employers love a resume that targets the position you want.

Piggy-backing off of the previous point, your resume should be targeted. For this reason, each time you submit your resume, you need to edit it a bit instead of just submitting the exact same resume each time. Read the job description carefully, and spend time thinking about what skills and experience you have that make you perfect for this position…and then carefully highlight them on your resume.

By focusing on what employers love (a simple, organized, relevant, targeted resume), you can better secure the job you want.  A dynamic resume can give you an edge over the competition so that you get to the next step: the interview! Next week’s blog is all about what interviewers love to see. For more help on writing an amazing resume and nailing the interview process, our team at Em and a Pen is here to help!