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What is on the Docket for 2022?

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Well, it’s that time of year again… but for some reason this new year is going to feel a little different. In 2020, we were going through the unthinkable a worldwide pandemic. We were living in an endless sea of masks. We were uncertain of what was going to come next. In 2021, the U.S. workforce went through “The Great Resignation”, a national movement in which the everyday worker can finally speak up for what they want and deserve. We are letting go of the stability of a 9 to 5 corporate job and pursuing our dreams whether that is freelancing, following a dream into a specific field, or going back to school to earn a degree. 2021 has been the year of not letting time hold us back from doing what want.

As we have learned from 2020, time is delicate. It is precious. It can end in a moment. One day you can be typing a blog in a coffee shop, and then the next day you can be laying in a hospital bed, Covid-19 positive. We just don’t know anymore. But what I have discovered is to never let another moment go to waste again. Em and a Pen has never been stronger, especially with an amazing team that holds up its foundation. And guess what? Nothing is stopping us now.

Here is what we have planned for 2022:

  • Expand into printing books beyond just Amazon. We are ready to take the leap and become a publishing and printing source for our amazing authors!
  • Help 500 job seekers land new jobs in their desired industry. This year has been very positive with many working professionals receiving promotions and successfully venturing into an entirely new career field.
  • Help 20 rising brands create engaging copy for their websites through webpage content or blogs.
  • Be there for each other and be happy, as my grandmother would tell me.
  • Start each day with a smile and something positive to say to yourself. This is something I continue to work on daily, but I make it an effort to look myself in the mirror and say “ Good morning, gorgeous.”
  • Most importantly, make a positive impact for every client we have the pleasure to work with.

And you know what? If we meet our goal, great! And if we don’t, that’s great too! The most important thing is whoever we do get to work with, we know that we are making an impact. That is what makes everything worth it.

We hope that you will never give up on your dreams and do what it takes to make them come true. Fight for what you believe in, jump through the rings of fire, and overcome the objections. Be the bad-ass you were born to be!