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How to Create Personable Content on LinkedIn

If you have been reading us for a while, you know that we at Em & A Pen believe in your business having a strong digital presence. Our previous blogs on Instagram & SEO marketing explain why your brand should be in front of online users and teach how to do just that. However, there is one social media platform that cannot be ignored, LinkedIn. This platform is the prime destination of deep & long-form content for B2B marketers. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter may be great for attracting a large audience, but LinkedIn is the place to engage with your closest clients. Read more on how to connect with your subscribers at a personable level.


Know What Your Audience Wants

The first step in creating content that connects with your readers is understanding what they want to read. To do this you need to know who your readers are. Are they local business owners, industry peers, potential clients? One way to find this out is by simply scrolling through your connections and reading people’s bios. This will give away their job titles, industries, passions, and strengths. 

By looking at my bio, you can learn my
about my business, expertise, and education


Once you know those who make up your network, make sure your content topics are relevant to their interests & careers. If your network is filled with bankers, they probably are not interested in posts about social media trends. Similar to the exercise above, scrolling through your feed can give you a sense of what your connections are reading & talking about. Take notes and brainstorm new relevant topics from your findings.


Avoid 3rd Person Point of View

According to social media expert Neil Patel, the highest engaging posts from top LinkedIn users are those that use the first-person point of view. This makes sense as the platform is designed for deep conversational communication between users. With this in mind, write your LinkedIn content just as you would be talking to someone in person. If you are telling a personal story, use the first person “me, myself, I” and if you are giving advice to your followers use the 2nd person “you”. Writing in this direct form will make it easier to get your point across and increase the chances of the reader remembering your message.


Format to Scan

Just like most digital content, your posts should be formatted so the reader can easily scan. This does not mean that you should be scared to write long format as LinkedIn is specifically designed for long-form content. However, the following tips can help break out your lengthy content into smaller digestible blurbs:

– Keep paragraphs short with no more than 3 to 4 sentences at a time.

– Insert white spaces after each paragraph.

– Use direct language. The audience is interested in your message, not your vocabulary.

– Use lists to quickly get your point across. 


Interested in upping your brand’s social media efforts? Our digital-savvy team at Em & A Pen can help you convert followers to customers. Reach out to us today!