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Taking Advantage of a Slower Holiday Season

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With just over 2 weeks left in the calendar year, we can almost say it… 2020 is finally almost over. But these final two weeks will look very different than past holiday seasons. With less traveling and fewer holiday parties to attend, this season has given us much more free time than usual. Even though this might put a damper on your holiday spirit, it can also be the perfect time to get a head start on thinking about and preparing for a fresh start in 2021.

Downtime to Reflect

Usually, holiday craziness can make it hard to find time to reflect on the previous year. However, take advantage of the extra free time this year and block out an hour to think about your experiences in 2020. Since this year has thrown us all many curveballs, reflect on how you personally responded to the challenges and constant change you faced. Next, think about what you feel your accomplishments and shortcomings were. Make sure to document all your accomplishments by adding them to your resume and LinkedIn. Finally, use your reflection and what you felt the shortcomings were to create new career goals for 2021 and set a plan to achieve them.

Perfect Time to Find a New Job

If finding a new job fits your 2021 goals, then the holiday season is the perfect time to start. One popular job-hunting myth is that companies freeze hiring during the holidays. Believe it or not, hiring is a year-round process, and many companies might be pushing to fill positions before the end of the year to meet budget requirements. This urgency companies face will likely help you move through the interview process quicker.

Another positive of job searching during the holiday season is that many candidates take this time off to focus on other holiday priorities. With less people applying for jobs, you have less competition and a greater chance of catching the attention of hiring managers. Even though you still want to spend time with friends and family, spending a few minutes applying to jobs can make a big difference in your career outlook heading into the new year.

Reengage with Old Connections

With the pandemic and arguably the socially distant quarantine that arose in 2020, it is natural that you may have lost communication with many connections. The holiday season over the next two weeks is a perfect time to catch up with connections and rekindle these relationships. Sending a holiday card is start, but also try to carve out time for a virtual coffee chat. These conversations take a tiny amount of time out of your week but have the potential to lead to new job leads or simply rebuild rusty connections.

Use this downtime of this unique holiday season to your benefit. Take advantage of this slower period to apply to new jobs and refreshen old relationships.  Enjoy spending time with family members but also spend some time alone to reflect on your previous year. Lastly, happy holidays from Em and A Pen.

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